Cat® Equipment Management Solutions (EMSolutions)

Choose the right amount of equipment management support you need and see your costs reduced. EMSolutions has five progressive levels ranging from basic connection to your fleet's electronic data, to complete, proactive management of your fleet. Helping you grow a stronger business. That's what we're built to deliver.


Get information directly from your equipment to monitor where it is, and what it's doing.

  • Track operator performance.
  • Get health and utilization data.
  • Plan preventive maintenance and schedule repairs.

Get our monthly fleet reports to help you manage your equipment and keep costs down.

  • Receive key operator-induced fault codes.
  • Know your run vs. idle time.
  • Compare your fleet to others in the region.

Get our expert recommendations to
help you make informed decisions on equipment management and maintenance.

  • Improve asset health and utilization.
  • Fluid analysis via S.O.S. Services.

Let us handle your preventive maintenance to:

  • Improve equipment availability and lower operating costs.
  • Enhance equipment resale values.

We take care of all equipment management services including Levels
1 through 4, plus on-site maintenance and repair.

  • Reduce unscheduled repairs and downtime.
  • Ensure fixed operating and maintenance costs for better business planning.

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