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About Technicians for Africa

When working with heavy equipment, it is essential to be familiar with the machinery and its applications.

Caterpillar has launched the Technicians for Africa Project. The website, which is available in French, Portuguese and English, is leveraging Caterpillar’s existing, state of the art e-learning solutions and makes them available for anyone that has the ambition to develop a career as a heavy equipment Technician.

Both experienced technicians and vocational students will find Caterpillar training very useful in giving a solid foundation when it comes to understanding the heavy equipment that they work with every day. This free online training.

Curriculum consists of 18 courses: four introductory courses, ten Level 1 courses and four Level 2 courses. You’ll find the courses interesting and compelling with lots of interactivity and animation. It contains easy-to-understand, technical insights about safety and basic fundamental systems like electrical, hydraulics and powertrain,  Completion time is estimated to take approximately 3-6 months. (Yes. That’s right. It’s comprehensive. This is the real deal and you’ll need to work hard but the results could be well worth the effort.)

Once you successfully complete the program you will be able to print out a certificate of completion. You can use it in the market place to improve your chances of landing a technicians job in the auto industry, the trucking industry or the heavy equipment field. And you can use it to help gain entry into a leading vocational school.


It was a great and awesome experience! I truly appreciate the training, the assessment, the certificate and the gift from Caterpillar. It was such a great opportunity. I got so much out of your training and am still looking forward for more from the heavy equipment giant. The training experience is one of the best in my career as a technician and a Mechanical Engineer. I feel well-equipped for my job. I recommend this training to colleagues around the world who are interested in excelling in this field.

Sola Samuel Abidakun, Nigeria

Accept my deepest appreciation for following up with the status of issuance of my certificate. I can confirm that I received my certificate on June 15, 2016 in a ceremony at the MANTRAC office in Trans-Amadi, Port Harcourt (Nigeria). A photograph is attached.

Without doubt, I am most elated at seeing my progress to this level with your organization. And while I, once more, offer my kind appreciation, I look forward to a more rewarding relationship through my training and developmental stages.

Stephen Azu-Enumah, Nigeria

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